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Norland Equity Partners is an investment firm focused on UK and European SME businesses. We create longterm value for our stakeholders through strategic, innovative and committed investments. Built on integrity and transparency, we support businesses to realise their true potential through sustainable and impactful scale-up and growth strategies. 

Our Mission

We strongly believe that long-term success is built on commitment, integrity, grit and innovation. Our mission is to enhance the legacy of an acquired business and sustain value creation to all stakeholders. We achieve this by providing both investment and strategic direction to help secure a sustainable and impactful growth. 

Norland Equity Partners fosters a culture of trust, ownership, curiosity, and an understanding of the importance of all stakeholders; clients, employees, suppliers/partners, communities and shareholders.  

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Why Choose Us


We are committed to our partners’ long-term success, creating sustainable business and revenue growth models that enable organisations to achieve their long-term operational, market share, and financial goals. We embark on the transformational journeys with our partners as owner – operators. 


We believe in innovation, not only in technology and business models, but also in strategy and market value proposition. These are critical to maintain continuity and sustain competitive advantages for the future.  


We uphold the highest standards to all stakeholders, ensuring openness and trust in every decision made, as we work with our partners to deliver sustainable, long-term value. 

Long-term vision

 We aim to support our chosen partners with long-term proven growth strategies. By building on their legacies, we enable businesses to scale-up sustainably and to deliver on their potential. 


We believe that transparency is the key to success. We promote a culture of trust, honesty, ownership and accountability. Our open and collaborative approach enables stakeholders to make informed decisions that empower them to explore new opportunities. 

Our Professional Team

Businesses Scale-Up Strategies

Ola Lawal

Managing Partner

Ola has 20 years of experience in Restructuring, Corporate & Investment Banking and Technology sectors. He has expertise covering business and financial management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and change management and transformation. He guides companies to focus on strategic value creation, sustainable scaleup, process and technology innovation, and operational efficiency. He holds a politics degree from the University of Leicester and an MBA from IESE Business School, Spain. 

Business Investment

Chris Daniels

Strategic Adviser

Chris has over 20 years professional experience across banking, defence and aerospace, and technology sectors. He specialises in organisational scaleup, business growth and commercialisation and corporate governance. He is a former Officer of the British Army. He holds a Mathematics degree from Oxford University and an MBA from IESE Business School, Spain. 

Help grow your businesses

Ricardo Velilla Flores

Strategic Adviser

Ricky is the Investment Director of Aurica Search Funds and Aurica Capital, Spain. He has over 15 years’ experience in Management Consultancy, Investment Banking and Private Equity. He started his career as a Senior Auditor at PWC and later founded Lomba Capital. Ricky holds a Management degree from the University of Navarra and an MBA from IESE Business School, Spain

Investment Firm

Robert van den Berg

Strategic Adviser

Robert has 14 years experience in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. He has held senior management and board positions in the US, UK and Europe. His expertise includes business and management strategy, data science and analytics, and stakeholder management. He holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from IESE Business School, Spain.

“By building on established legacies and through carefully formulated growth strategies, it’s our aim to help businesses flourish.”

– Ola Lawal, Managing Partner, Norland Equity Partners

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